Accepted File Types

We can accept a wide variety of file formats (below), however we prefer all files to be submitted as PDF files to minimize any font, image, text, or formatting complications. 

Preparation Tips See our File Preparations Tips FAQ for details on submitting the highest quality files to eliminate extra file charges or production delays. 

Accepted File Types Index :

A-Z List
.123 – Lotus 1-2-3
.3DMLW – 3D Markup Language for Web files
.3DV – 3-D wireframe graphics by Oscar Garcia
.3DXML – Dassault Systemes graphic representation
.602 – Text602 document
.AB2 – Abykus worksheet
.AB3 – Abykus workbook
.ABW – AbiWord document
.ACL – MS Word AutoCorrect List
.ACP – VA Software Virtual Architecture CAD file
.AFP – Advanced Function Presentation
.AI – Adobe Illustrator Document
.AMF – Additive Manufacturing File Format
.AMF – Additive Manufacturing File Format
.ANS – American National Standards Institute (ANSI) text
.AR – Ashlar-Vellum Argon 3D Modeling
.ART – America Online proprietary format
.ART – ArtCAM model
.ART – Xara – Drawing (superseded by XAR)
.ASC – ASCII text
.ASC – BRL-CAD Geometry File, old ASCII format
.ASE – Adobe Swatch
.ASM – Solidedge Assembly, Pro/ENGINEER Assembly
.AVE – Aquafadas
.AWG – Ability Draw
.AWS – Ability Spreadsheet
.AWW – Ability Write
.BIM – Data Design System DDS-CAD
.BIN – Data Design System DDS-CAD
.BLP – Blizzard Entertainment proprietary texture format
.BMP – Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image
.CAD – CadStd
.CATDrawing – CATIA V5 Drawing document
.CATPart – CATIA V5 Part document
.CATProcess – CATIA V5 Manufacturing document
.CATProduct – CATIA V5 Assembly document
.CCC – CopyCAD Curves
.CCF – Color Chat 1.0
.CCM – CopyCAD Model
.CCS – CopyCAD Session
.CDR – CorelDRAW Document
.CELL – Haansoft (Hancom) SpreadSheet software document
.CGM – Computer Graphics Metafile an ISO Standard
.CGR – CATIA V5 graphic representation file
.CIT – Intergraph is a monochrome bitmap format
.CLF – ThinkFree Calc
.CMX – CorelDRAW vector image
.CO – Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt parametric drafting and 3D modeling
.CPT – Corel PHOTO-PAINT image
.CR2 - Canon camera raw format. 
.CSV – ASCII text as comma-separated values, used in spreadsheets and database management systems
.CSV – Comma-Separated Values
.CUT – Dr. Halo image file
.CWK – ClarisWorks / AppleWorks document
.DDS – DirectX texture file
.DFT – Solidedge Draft
.DGK – Delcam Geometry
.DGN – MicroStation design file
.DIB – Device-Independent Bitmap graphic
.DJVU – DjVu for scanned documents
.DMT – Delcam Machining Triangles
.DOC – Microsoft Word document
.DOCX – Office Open XML document
.DOT – Microsoft Word document template
.DOTX – Office Open XML text document template
.DRW – Caddie Early version of Caddie drawing, prior to DWG
.DTP – Greenstreet Publisher, GST PressWorks
.DVI – Tex
.DWB – VariCAD drawing file
.DWF – AutoDesk's Web Design Format, similar to PDF files
.DWG – AutoCAD and Open Design Alliance applications
.DXF – ASCII Drawing Interchange file Format. AutoCAD and other CAD-programs
.DXF – AutoCAD ASCII Drawing Interchange file format
.E2D – 2D vector graphics used by the editor which is included in JFire
.EGT – EGT Universal Document
.EGT – EGT Universal Document, used in EGT SmartSense to compress PNG files to yet a smaller file
.EMB – Wilcom ES Designer Embroidery CAD file
.EMF – Enhanced (Windows) MetaFile, an extension to WMF
.EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
.ESW – Agtek format
.EXCELLON – Excellon file
.EXIF – Exchangeable image file format is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras
.EXP – Drawing Express file format
.FDX – Final Draft
.FM – Adobe FrameMaker
.FM – FeatureCAM Part File
.FMZ – FormZ Project file
.FTM – Fielded Text Meta
.FTX – Fielded Text (Declared)
.G – BRL-CAD Geometry File
.GERBER – Gerber file
.GIF – CompuServe's Graphics Interchange Format
.GLM – KernelCAD model
.GNUMERIC – Gnumeric spreadsheet, a gziped XML file
.GPL – GIMP Palette, using a textual representation of color names and RGB values
.GRF - Zebra Technologies proprietary format
.GTC – GRAITEC Advance file format
.GZ – PostScript
.HWP – Haansoft (Hancom) Hangul Word Processor document
.HWPML – Haansoft (Hancom) Hangul Word Processor Markup Language document
.IAM – Autodesk Inventor Assembly file
.ICB – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.ICD – IronCAD 2D CAD file
.ICNS – file format use for icons in Mac OS X. Contains bitmap images at multiple resolutions and bitdepths with alpha channel.
.ICO – a file format used for icons in Microsoft Windows. Contains small bitmap images at multiple resolutions and sizes.
.IDW – Autodesk Inventor Drawing file
.IFC – buildingSMART for sharing AEC and FM data
.IFF – Interchange File Format
.IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
.ILBM – InterLeaved BitMap, a subtype of the Interchange File Format (IFF)
.INDD – Adobe InDesign
.INFO – Texinfo
.IPN – Autodesk Inventor Presentation file
.IPT – Autodesk Inventor Part file
.JFIF – Joint Photographic Experts Group – a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
.JNG – a single-frame MNG using JPEG compression and possibly an alpha channel.
.JP2 – JPEG2000
.JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
.JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
.JPS – JPEG Stereo
.JT – Jupiter Tesselation visualization format 
.KEY – Apple Keynote Presentation
.KEYNOTE – Apple Keynote Presentation
.LBM – Deluxe Paint image file
.LWP – Lotus Word Pro
.MAX – ScanSoft PaperPort document
.MCD – Monu-CAD Monument/Headstone Drawing file
.MCF – FotoInsight Designer
.MCW – Microsoft Word for Macintosh (versions 4.0–5.1)
.MIFF – ImageMagick's native file format
.MNG – Multiple Network Graphics, the animated version of PNG
.MODEL – CATIA V4 part document
.MSP – Microsoft Paint (old), replaced with BMP in Microsoft Windows 3.0
.NB – Mathematica Notebook
.NB – Mathematica Slideshow
.NBP – Mathematica Player Notebook
.NBP – Mathematica Player slideshow
.NITF – A U.S. Government standard commonly used in Intelligence systems
.NUMBERS – Apple Numbers Spreadsheet file
.OCD - Orienteering Computer Aided Design file
.ODG – OpenDocument Drawing
.ODM – OpenDocument master document
.ODP – OpenDocument Presentation
.ODS – OpenDocument spreadsheet
.ODT – OpenDocument text document
.OMM – OmmWriter text document
.OTP – OpenDocument Presentation template
.OTS – OpenDocument spreadsheet template
.OTT – OpenDocument text document template
.PAGES – Apple Pages document
.PAP – Papyrus word processor document
.PAR – Solidedge Part
.PBM – Portable bitmap
.PC1 – Degas low resolution, compressed picture file
.PC2 – Degas medium resolution, compressed picture file
.PC3 – Degas high resolution, compressed picture file
.PCF – Pixel Coordination Format
.PCL – 2D Graphic Page Control Language (HP)
.PCT – Apple Macintosh PICT image
.PCX – ZSoft's PC Paint, a lossless format, popular on DOS systems.
.PDAX – Portable Document Archive (PDA) document index file
.PDD – Adobe Photoshop Drawing
.PDF – Portable Document Format
.PDF – Portable Document Format
.PDN – Paint.NET image file
.PEZ - Prezi Desktop Presentation
.PGM – Portable graymap
.PI1 – Degas low resolution, uncompressed picture file
.PI2 – Degas medium resolution, uncompressed picture file. Also Portrait Innovations encrypted image format.
.PI3 – Degas high resolution, uncompressed picture file
.PICT – Apple Macintosh PICT image
.PIPE – PIPE-FLO Professional Piping system design file
.PIX – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.PLN – ArchiCad project
.PMD – Adobe PageMaker
.PNG – Portable Network Graphic lossless, for display and edition of graphic images
.PNM – Portable anymap graphic bitmap image
.PNS – PNG stereo image
.POT – Microsoft PowerPoint template
.PPM – Portable Pixmap image
.PPP – Serif PagePlus
.PPS – Microsoft PowerPoint Show
.PPT – Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
.PPTX – Office Open XML Presentation
.PRT – NX / Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER Part, CADKEY Part
.PRZ – Lotus Freelance Graphics
.PS – PostScript 
.PSB – Adobe Photoshop Big image file
.PSD – Adobe Photoshop Drawing
.PSM – Solidedge Sheet
.PSP – Paint Shop Pro image
.PUB – Microsoft Publisher
.PWI – PowerINSPECT File
.PX – Pixel image editor image file
.PXR – Pixar Image Computer image file
.PYT – Pythagoras File
.QFX – QuickLink Fax image
.QPW – Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.QUOX – Question Object File Format for Quobject Designer or Quobject Explorer
.RAW – General term for image data acquired by a digital camera
.RFA – AutoDesk Revit family files
.RLE – a run-length encoded image
.RLF – ArtCAM Relief
.RPT – Crystal Reports
.RTF – Rich Text document
.RVT – AutoDesk Revit project files
.SCD – Scribus
.SCDOC – SpaceClaim 3D Part/Assembly
.SCT – Scitex Continuous Tone image file
.SDC – StarOffice StarCalc Spreadsheet
.SDD – StarOffice's StarImpress
.SDW – StarWriter text document, used in earlier versions of StarOffice
.SGI – Silicon Graphics Image
.SHF – ThinkFree Show
.SHOW – Haansoft (Hancom) Presentation software document
.SHW – Corel Presentations slide show creation
.SKP – SketchUp Model
.SLA – Scribus
.SLDASM – SolidWorks Assembly drawing
.SLDDRW – SolidWorks 2D drawing
.SLDPRT – SolidWorks 3D part model
.SLK – SYmbolic LinK
.SLP – Logix-4D Manager Show Control Project
.SNP – Microsoft Access Report Snapshot
.SSPSS – SongShow Plus Slide Show
.STC – XML spreadsheet template (obsolete)
.STEP – Standard for the Exchange of Product model data
.STI – XML (obsolete) Presentation template
.STL – Stereo Lithographic data format
.STW – XML text document template (obsolete) 
.SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics, employs XML
.SXC – XM spreadsheet template (obsolete)
.SXD – XML drawing (obsolete)
.SXI – XML (obsolete) Presentation
.SXW – XML text document (obsolete)
.TAB – tab delimited columns; also TSV
.TARGA – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.TCT – TurboCAD drawing template
.TCW – TurboCAD for Windows 2D and 3D drawing
.TEX – TeX
.TGA – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.TIF – Tagged Image File Format
.TIFF – Tagged Image File Format
.TSV – tab separated columns; also TAB
.TXT – ASCII or Unicode plaintext
.TXT – tab delimited columns
.UNV – I-DEAS Integrated Design and Engineering Analysis Software
.UOF – Uniform Office Format
.UOML – Unique Object Markup Language
.V2D – voucher design used by the voucher management included in JFire
.VC – Visicalc
.VC6 – Ashlar-Vellum Graphite 2D and 3D drafting
.VDA – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.VIA – Revoware VIA Document Project File
.VLM – Ashlar-Vellum Vellum, Vellum 2D, Vellum Draft, Vellum 3D, DrawingBoard
.VS – Ashlar-Vellum Vellum Solids
.VST – Truevision TGA (Targa) image
.VTF – Valve Texture Format
.WATCH – Dataton Watchout Presentation
.WK1 – Lotus 1-2-3 up to version 2.01
.WK3 – Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0
.WK4 – Lotus 1-2-3 version 4.0
.WKS – Lotus 1-2-3
.WKS – Microsoft Works
.WMF – Windows Meta File
.WPD – WordPerfect document
.WPS – Microsoft Works document
.WPT – Microsoft Works document template
.WQ1 – Quattro Pro DOS version
.WRD – WordIt! Document
.WRF – ThinkFree Write
.WRI – Microsoft Write document
.XAR – Xara – Drawing
.XBM – X Window System Bitmap
.XCF – GIMP image
.XE – Ashlar-Vellum Xenon for Associative 3D Modeling
.XLK – Microsoft Excel worksheet backup
.XLR – Microsoft Works version 6.0
.XLS – Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet (97–2003)
.XLSB – Microsoft Excel binary workbook
.XLSM – Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled workbook
.XLSX – Office Open XML worksheet sheet
.XLT – Microsoft Excel worksheet template
.XLTM – Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled worksheet template
.XLW – Microsoft Excel worksheet workspace (version 4.0)
.XML – eXtensible Markup Language
.XPM – X Window System Pixmap 
.XPS – Microsoft XML file similar to a PDF file
.XPS – Open XML Paper Specification
.XSL-FO – Formatting Objects
.ZAVE – Aquafadas  


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